Data Posting Multiple Times

Sometimes when data is edited it may appear inside MaxLeases more than once.  For example a user may add a note to the guestcard and that note gets added more than once.

The usual cause of this is not MaxLeases, but something either on the user computer or in the use browser, alas usually malware, but sometimes a legitimate browser extension or plugin that has unintended consequences.  

Steps to take:

  • Ensure the browser is updated to the latest version.  Some browsers release new versions often and updating the browser to the latest version may clean up the browser and allow MaxLeases to run better.
  • Reboot the computer.  When computers have been running a while they can become bogged down with running programs, partially running applications etc.  A full reboot can clear all these problems up.
  • Run a virus scan and or malware scan.  Computers infected by viruses and malware can behave in strange ways, and these programs may be intercepting your web traffic and doing strange things with it.
  • Check for any new extensions or plugins.  While browser helpers and plugins can help users, some of them can also interfere with web traffic and cause strange things to happen.  Unless you really need an extension or a plug in, it's wise to remove any that are not needed.
  • Check with your IT team to see if there's anything running on the computer that might cause issues.  One client was using a service to monitor user computers that created 2 web transactions for each web transaction the user entered.  In turn these transactions were being sent to MaxLeases and were causing duplicate entries.  Your IT team may be able to exclude MaxLeases traffic from this monitoring.


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